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This invention relates to a convenient means for carrying babies and is intended for use as an appliance to be supported from the shoulders of a person or bearer whereby a baby may be safely carried in a comfortable position, and it is the purpose of the inventor that it may be slung in front...

Kaminski, Mary A.
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Kaminski, Mary A.
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This invention relates to a convenient means for carrying babies and is intended for use as an appliance to be supported from the shoulders of a person or bearer whereby a baby may be safely carried in a comfortable position, and it is the purpose of the inventor that it may be slung in front or at the rear of the person carrying the equipment, and the device has convenient means by which supporting straps may be slung over the shoulders and preferably one of the said means is detachably applied for the convenient manipulation of the device. In other words, one of the supporting members, which will be hereinafter referred to as a supporting strap, may be adjusted over the head of the user and over one of the shoulders, whereas the other strap has detachable connections with a frame of the carrier so that it may be released to more conveniently release the other strap of the carrier.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a device of the character indicated in which a frame comprising a metal hoop has the straps connected to it and from which the supporting pouch or bag is suspended, the said pouch or bag preferably having its upper edge folded over the frame and secured in place by stitching although, in certain instances, mechanical fastenings, such as rivets, may be employed for holding the pouch on the frame. The pouch may comprise a side wall and a bottom, though, under certain conditions, this could be an integral structure comprising one strip of material and the inventor does not wish to be limited with respect to the character of the material, as it may be strong textile fabric or oilcloth, or the like, and the pouch or bag has holes in its side, preferably at the bottom, through which the legs of the baby may project so that the baby will occupy a sitting posture and with its legs projecting through the holes.

A further object of this invention is to produce a baby carrier or sling which will occupy comparatively little space when not in use so that it can be packed conveniently for transportation, and the invention comprises comparatively few, inexpensive parts which have proven efficient and satisfactory in use.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the details of construction, and in the arrangement and combination of parts to be hereinafter more fully set forth and claimed.

In describing the invention in detail, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings forming part of this application, wherein like characters denote corresponding parts in the several views, and in which: Figure 1 illustrates a perspective view of the carrier embodying the invention; Figure 2 illustrates a sectional view of the carrier with the slings or supporting elements on one side in elevation; Figure 3 illustrates a plan view of the frame.

In these drawings I denotes a frame which may be in the nature of a metallic ring, though it may be angular in plan and, under certain conditions, wooden members may be substituted for the metal. The pouch or bag has side walls 2, front wall 2B and rear wall 2C, the upper edges of which are looped over the frame and the depending portion secured to the said walls by fastenings, such as stitching 3, or the like. By this means, the pouch or bag may be securely suspended from the frame and, as stated, a bottom 4 may be integral with the walls, although, in the present embodiment, its free edges are secured to the lower edges of the walls by stitching 5.

At the lower edge of the front wall 2B of the carrier, spaced holes 6, 6, are formed, through which the legs of the baby protrude when in sitting position in the carrier, and the carrier is suspended from the shoulders of the person by a pair of straps 7 and 8, the strap 7 having both of its ends fixed to the frame by stitching 9, whereas the other strap 8 is detachably attached to the frame at each end thereof by hooks 10 and 11. By these detachable connections, one end of the strap 8 may be loosened and thrown back over the shoulder and the other strap can then conveniently be raised over the head of the person bearing the carrier, and thus the device can be readily applied to or removed from the bearer.

More specifically, when it is desired to use the carrier, the strap 7 may be disposed over the shoulder of the wearer with the strap 8 passing under the arm and around the back of the wearer, thereby enabling one of the side walls 2 to rest against the body of the wearer. This means that the carrier may be comfortably worn and enables both hands of the wearer to be free which, of course, is highly desirable.

The bottom 4 preferably comprises upper and lower layers of fabric 12 and 13, respectively, with 5o an interposed lining 14, preferably of water repellent material, and of such strength as to prevent sagging of the bottom.

I claim: 1. In a baby carrier, a rigid frame member, a flexible carrier supported by the frame member and having substantially parallel side walls, front and rear walls and a bottom wall, the front wall being provided with openings for receiving the legs of a baby disposed in the carrier, a shoulder strap secured at one end to one of said side walls adjacent the front wall, and secured at the opposite end to the other of said side walls in proximity to the rear wall of the carrier, and a second shoulder strap detachably connected at one end to said first named side wall adjacent the rear wall and detachably connected at the opposite end to the second named side wall in proximity to the front wall of the carrier, the arrangement being such that one of said straps passes over the wearer's shoulder while the other strap passes under the arm and around the back, thereby permitting the carrier to be supported with one of the side walls resting against the wearer's body.

2. A baby carrier as set forth in claim 1 wherein the bottom wall of the carrier includes upper and lower layers of fabric, and a water repellent lining disposed between said layers of fabric.


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