Pilot for horizontal pot burners
United States Patent 2482700

-This invention - relates -to--liquid fuel :burners and more particularly ,to r ani4mprovement in the so-called "pot" type-of burner 'Wherein the pot is disposed 'horizontallyerather-than Tvertically. It is a general object of-the invention topprovide a pot .type -burner- Which is -horizontally...

Yauger, Harland A.
Goette, George W.
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-This invention - relates -to--liquid fuel :burners and more particularly ,to r ani4mprovement in the so-called "pot" type-of burner 'Wherein the pot is disposed 'horizontallyerather-than Tvertically.

It is a general object of-the invention topprovide a pot .type -burner- Which is -horizontally disposed with a simple 'a.nd- efficient pilot-device.

A more specific object-'of-the-invention- is to provide a pilot' for =a horizontal 'burner -herein the pilot is so- disposed -within 'the :pot that the flow--of vaporized -fuel -takes -place --more nearly centrally and symmetrically with respect 'to-the perforated -combustion pot.

Still another object.-of the-invention-is a -pilot for horizontal -pot -burners -which can-be-constructed :of light-sheet -metal rather -than -of -a heavy casting and supported generally centrally in the inner or rear -end of the.pot.

A further object of the invention--is a-liquid fuel heater of the floor furnace type -ith- a horiaontally 'disposed'pot and-conibustion chamber as well as a-suprpbdSed-anxid '"horizontally :disposed heat radiation driiin, :wheli by the -products -of combustion travel" ho-i, zo.ntally -and/or -'upwardly arid are rot irealired 'to 'flow coitrary to their natural tendency to rise 'wiile at "the same time secuinifig "a iii:iiiiiif d :-h~et adiation' -ith a given qiiaitity of"fu;l.

These arid otihbrb'jecbtsfnd-advciitages of the invention will -fhmre fiully ~lil~ir froin -the following des'criptin imaide 'ihcot-bnedtibni witth "the accompanfying craWiffgs,' 'ihýi ih like Irefrehece characters tefer ito''theaie Giie arts :throuihoiut the views, aid, 'in:hicid: -Fig. 1 is a sided'v'iidwpartWilI ih-vertical section 'of a floor 'fuiice'Wieith'bhe;h~ iz6dital pt -showvn in sectionh add 'he plotfi'side'6edeatiblh; Fig. 2 is an enl~fgdd 'Phan iview -of' tfhe pilot; Fig. 3 is a 'rar'beTeatdi6dthreof; -fid Fig. 4 is a view 'fir 'Ibbitfidiial vWrtical section.

In Fig. ithere'is s'i6dWtraflfdr 'filrace A w-hich 'is suspended f~bm a fl66r5 having -ah'opefning'6 therein' 'hichlis ift~i ct'ed'by' ag'T aing 7. 't"he flobr furirne iridludes- h 'ibiiuter bdasing 8 anid a pair of inwardly Ci5fiiitric"'aiisgii s'9and'-0iD.

Within' the 'inrfier",siigd 10 is a horizontally disposed ':l1n§atitd -Tbiibustion chamber II.

Above the combustion chamber II is a heat saver or radiatihfg- - ihathiB"42Thbfiit?.e t said com-, 'bistion dhamber' II by a co~idifit 3 located at fthie'eft-harid etid'f -said- dclh~bers i-l arind 2 as Vieded in Pig. 1. Atfltie: ipe"t4leads froin the Sright-hanld end 6f t-we adiatidi chaffber 12.

Miouited in rhe ight-hýiýd'en'dpbortion of the cminbustion chamiber IT is :a'b brir p:dt 15 which .preferably is c6yliridical in sihape aind its wall is Sprovided with numerous- air ifilet 'apertures 16 as is well .understo6d in'ihe art. 'The- air'inlet -apertures 6 in-icnveiii6nril manner are circum'ferefitially spaced" in tihe-.peripheral will of the potý1S and are preferably- arraigedin a -plurality d6f series spaced various-distarines.from the closed Srear-end- of the pot' and l w:ith a-circumferential -series -adjacent -the -open end -ofthe pot being more closely spaced to'ai~ord-a secondary air sup-ply -of relatively .great capacity. -The pot 15- as -shown in Fig. -l1 is-,horizontally disposed in the combustion-chamber 1--1 a-nd-supported by a suit-able-mounting-1 7, the:details of-which will-not be -gone-into since'any-appropriate-supporo or-mounting-for the pot danr-be used. 'The-pot is provided with,-a flame ring- 48 :at its open -or'left-hand end as is customary with vertical pots ini use today.

-Thefurnace cofstiuctibnmis-shown as'having an agirflow-space 4-19f betweentHeletouter caging- 8 and the intermediate "casing 9. Conimunication is 'provided with 'the :interibrs-.of ca'sings':9 and 10 ,by--openihngs 9a :and :-Oa atrthe'Tbottoms of said 'oasifigs "toprbvide for;'circulation 'and heating of -irr-'fromthe r6oihi'being-.'heated. The iuter casiag - is; -provided -'With dn 5opelrning 820 inormally covered by -a pl~ife if20a b haifig ja afi burner 'airTilet'ophirig 20," hiih 'ifay -eceive an air conduit from a'blW6r if ,ie'id4d.

1'Moutied irintihe:'rigitTihdd r-cldbsd -rinier end -of' th-e lt 5i'i's- aildt, d kighnated :generally at -B. -The 'piii t 'ispi& vfitdd&'Witha -imain 'body-por"ti6ntbinittituting'-rap6ri~liig dihamberi'2 and an upper air inlet chamber 22. An oil supply-pipe 23 communicates with the iinerieorfrf he vaporS1iirig chiamber 2i1 ;rid 'an-air -supply conduit 24 "'6iiiects wiith theBir iiilet dhamiib'Fr22. The pipes ~g3:"aid 24 may be stittably ecur6d to the closed 'ififier end ia df:ithe pbt'sl '-rid said-'pipes also 'eive to -'supp~it the pilot 'B in the "perforated Spt [5.

1i 4s -fed Uth dlih ihe jipe 13 in 'regulated quantities and as it enters the vaporizing chamber 21 it is spread out in a thin film in the bottom of the chamber. Air is directed through the pipe 24 and into the air inlet chamber 22. As shown in Figs. 2 and 4 said inlet chamber is provided t with a perforated bottom or plate 25 so that a plurality of jets of air are directed through said perforated bottom 25 against oil which has flowed into the vaporizing chamber 21. It is to be noted that the perforations 27 in the bottom or plate 1 25 are so disposed that a greater number thereof are adjacent the forward edge of the bottom, so that a greater amount of air is admitted to the vaporizing chamber at a point spaced from the oil inlet 23, than is admitted immediately adja- 1 cent the oil inlet. The air and fuel vapors combine to form a combustible mixture and after the oil has been first ignited combustion will be sustained, the air and other gases flowing out through an opening 26 and thence up over the left-hand 2 or forward edge portion of the vaporizing chamber 21 into the apertured pot 15 where sustained combustion takes place with a proper mixture with air flowing through the openings 16 in the pot 15. After the fuel has first been ignited com- 2 bustion takes place primarily outside of the vaporizing chamber 21 and in the pot 15 and the central and left-hand portions of the combustion chamber II. With the supply of fuel to vaporizing chamber 21 controlled in a reduced quantity, I subsequently complete combustion continues to take place at the open portion of the pan 21 and just forwardly thereof. When the supply of fuel is increased, the air supply from housing 22 is insufficient to produce complete combustion within the pot 15 and then sustained or operating combustion takes place at the open end of the pot 15 through first, the primary admission of air through aperture 16 and the secondary admission of air in the inlets adjacent the open end of the burner pot. The pilot B is so located in the perforated pot 15 that the flow of fuel gases and air from the vaporizing chamber 21 is initiated at a more or less centrally disposed point in the pot 15, and the burning gases are directed to the left in a centrally balanced flow.

The products of combustion flow to the left in the combustion chamber I I and thence upwardly through the conduit 13 into the heat saver or radiation chamber 12 and thence through the flow connection 14.

From the foregoing description it will be seen that we have provided a pilot for a horizontally disposed pot type burner which is located substantially centrally of the pot and within the pot as distinguished from prior types of horizontal pot pilots which have been located at the lower rear side wall portion of the pot. The pilot is simply constructed and, as stated above, can be formed of relatively light sheet metal and does not require the construction of a special type of pot for use in a horizontal burner.

It will, of course, be understood that various changes may be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the various parts without departing from the scope of our invention.

What we claim is: 1. A combination: pilot and vaporizing device for pot-type liquid fuel burners of the structure having an open front end and a plurality of circumferentially distributed primary air inlet passages in the body thereof and secondary air admission means disposed adjacent the open end of the pot, comprising a relatively small, independent vaporizing pan adapted to De mounted adjacent the axis of the burner pot and adjacent the rear end thereof, a fuel supply conduit communicating with the interior of said pan, an air i distributor housing traversing and covering a substantial portion of the top of said pan and having air supply means communicating therewith, said housing having a multiplicity of air discharge openings spaced throughout the area of the bot0 tom thereof and positioned to direct air downwardly against the closely adjacent surface of liquid fuel in the bottom portion of said pan.

2. The structure set forth in claim 1 and an upstanding partition dividing the interior of the pan into two sections, one of which is substantially covered by said distributor housing, said partition having a medially disposed opening therein, extending considerably above the normal oil level of said pan for communication between said two sections.

3. In a horizontal, pot-type, liquid fuel burner, a burner pot having an open end, a rear end and a peripheral wall provided with a plurality of circumferentially distributed primary air inlets and provided with secondary air admission means adjacent said open end, a combined vaporizer and pilot structure comprising a horizontal pan mounted adjacent the longitudinal center of said pot and adjacent the rear end thereof, liquid fuel 10 supply means communicating with said pan and an air supply chamber completely covering the rearward portion of the top of said pan and having a multiplicity of transversely and longitudinally spaced, downwardly directed discharge pasSsages through the bottom thereof and distributed to supply jets of air against most of the area of liquid fuel in the portion of said pan covered by said chamber.

4. The structure set forth in claim 3 wherein a substantially greater number of said discharge passages are disposed adjacent the front portion of said chamber than adjacent the rear of said chamber.

15 5. The structure set forth in claim 3 and an upstanding partition dividing the interior of the pan into a forward, uncovered section and a rear section covered by said air supply chamber and said partition having a medially disposed, enlarged 50 opening extending in height materially above the normal fuel level of said pan for communication between said two sections.

6. A pilot device for liquid fuel burners comprising a vaporizing chamber having an open topped 55 forward portion, means forming an air chamber disposed above the rear portion of the vaporizing chamber, said air chamber having a plate with a multiplicity of apertures therein and closing off the upper part of the rear portion of the vapor60 izing chamber, means for supplying air to said air chamber, and means for supplying liquid fuel to the rear portion of said vaporizing chamber, there being a passage from the rear portion of the vaporizing chamber to the forward portion thereof 65 for movement of vaporized fuel and liquid fuel, and there being more apertures near the forward edge of said plate than near the rear edge of the plate, so that more air is admitted to the vaporizing chamber at a point remote from the 70 liquid fuel supplying means than is admitted immediately adjacent said means.



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