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My invention relates to surgical belts and more particularly to surgical belts adapted to support and secure colostomy bags in position on the abdomen of a patient, and an object of my invention is to provide a belt of the character indicated above which permits the removal and exchange of...

Scott, Edward E.
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Scott, Edward E.
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My invention relates to surgical belts and more particularly to surgical belts adapted to support and secure colostomy bags in position on the abdomen of a patient, and an object of my invention is to provide a belt of the character indicated above which permits the removal and exchange of the colostomy bag without requiring the removal or even the loosening of the belt securing said bag in working position.

Another object of my invention is to provide a belt of the class described adapted to press the colostomy bag firmly against the abdomen of the wearer to prevent seepage of fluid discharged from the colon without. causing discomfort through the pressure exerted on the abdomen. Other objects of my invention not specifically mentioned may appear in the following specification describing my invention with reference to the accompanying drawing illustrating a preferred embodiment of my invention. It is, however, to be understood that my invention is not to be limited or restricted to the exact construction and combination of parts described in the specification and shown in the drawing, but that such changes and modifications can be made which fall within the scope of the claims appended hereto.

In order that my invention may be understood better, I will now proceed to describe it with reference to the accompanying drawing, in the several figures of which similar parts are indicated by similar reference characters and wherein Figure 1 is a view in front elevation of a surgical belt constructed in accordance with an embodiment of the invention; Figure 2 is a fragmentary elevational view of the rear of the front of the belt; Figure 3 is a detail sectional view taken substantially on the line 3-3 of Figure 1; Figure 4 is a rear elevational view of the belt; Figure 5 is a fragmentary view in front elevation with the flap down and the bag omitted; Figure 6 is a view in top plan of the disk associated with the bag; and Figure 7 is a view in side elevation, with portions broken away, of the bag and associated disk.

The surgical belt forming the subject matter of my invention comprises a back 10 made from elastic webbing and provided on each of its front edges with a doubled over cloth strip 11 equipped in its front edge portion with a pliable stiffener 12. Rearwardly of said stiffener, a plurality of eyes 13 are arranged in the cloth strip above each other and at equal distances from each other.

The front F of the belt comprises a main portion 14 made from canvas or the like, in which a door flap 15 is formed by cutting a horizontal slot 16 adjacent the upper edge of the belt front F and two vertical slots 17 extending downwardly from the ends of the horizontal slot 16, so that the door 15 is an integral part of the front F and can be dropped downwardly to open it. A zipper 18 is arranged in each of the vertical slots 17 and a plurality of snap buttons 19 are secured to the door adjacent its upper edge, which are adapted to engage corresponding female snap parts 20 fastened on a cloth strip 21 sewn onto the upper lip of the horizontal slot 16. On each side edge of the canvas front, a doubled-over cloth strip 22 is secured and is provided adjacent its free edge with a pliable stiffener 23. Forwardly of each stiffener, a plurality of eyes 24 is: arranged in each cloth strip 22 above each other and at equal distances from each other. The i front F and the back 10 are connected with each Sother by means of laces 25 engaging the corresponding eyes 13 and- 24 in the back and in the front respectively. The belt front portion 14 is somewhat narrower than the back 10, so that the * cloth strips 22 on the belt front extend upwardly beyond the canvas portion and an elastic band 26 is secured to the upper edge of the canvas belt front portion and to the cloth strips 22 of said front.

It is easy to see that the belt as described may be adjusted to fit around persons of different sizes and in order to prevent the belt from creeping upwardly on a body after it has been adjusted, two adjustable elastic bands 27 are seScured to the belt back 10 and the belt front F and extend between the legs of a person using the belt.

A pad P is adapted to be removably secured on the inside of the door 15 and consists of sponge rubber filling 28 and a cover 29 made preferably from plastic cloth and bound about the outer edges with textile tape 30. Two snap female buttons 31 are secured to the tape binding on either side of the pad and are located toward the lower Shalf of the pad. On the canvas door 15, corresponding male snap parts 32 are arranged so that the pad P can be releasably secured in place.

A rectangular hollow 33 is provided in the pad and extends from the bottom of the pad over-apSproximately four fifths of the total height of the pad. The cover 29 extends over the entire front of the pad, closing the forward end of the hollow 33.

A rubber disk 34 is provided in its upper portion with a square opening 35. At each side of this opening a slot 36 is arranged in the rubber disk and another slot 31 is located above the said opening. A colostomy bag 38 is preferably made from plastic cloth and is shaped like the toe portion of a shoe. Four flaps 39 are formed about the opening of the bag. The lower flap extends through the lower portion of the square opening 35 and the other flaps project through the corresponding slots 36 and 31 respectively.

To facilitate the removal of any excrement discharged from the colon of a user of the belt, the plastic colostomy bag is lined with a removables paper bag 40.

When the lined colostomy bag is mounite oni the rubber disk 34, the disk is arranged, on-the abdomen of the patient so that the stub of the colon extends into the bag, aitd thi . ffie~ bel i adjusted and put on the patient, so that, the, colostomy bag projects into the rectanguilar Hollow 33 in the pad P which presses the disk tightly against the abdomen, of the patient, prievitiing escape of any excremeital discharge from the bag 38, When the bag is to be emptied and cleaned, the door 15 is released and dropped, and the disk 34is lifted from the abdomen of the patient. The paper bag 40 is removed, the plastic bag 38 is cleaned and relined and mounted again on the disk 34, which is placed in position on the abdomen. of the patient. The door 15 is lifted and secured in closed position so that the pad P engages the disk 34.

The above description shows clearly that a surgical belt according to my invention secures a colostomy bag safely in working position. on the body of a patient and at the same time permits removal of said bag for cleaning purposes, without requiring the removal or even loosening of the belt. Furthermore, the belt of my invention presses the rubber disk holding the colostomy bag tightly against the abdomen of the patient, without causing discomfort by this pressure, since the padding of sponge rubber will absorb any excessive pressure. If necessary, the pad P'may be removed for cleaning purposes, without removing or loosening the belt.

I claim: 1. A surgical belt adapted to support a colos* tomy bag including an elastic back, a textile front, a door flap formed in the front, and a pad on the inside surface of said door flap having a hollow formed therein adapted to receive a plastic-colostomy bag.

2, A sulrical belt as set' forth in claim 1, including a rubber disk provided with a central opening in its upper portion, a slot extending along each of the two sides and the upper edge df thie opening, four flaps formed on the open 15' end of.the-colostomy bag, the lower flap extending through the lower portion of the opening in t-he riUbber disk;; and the other flaps extending through, the corresponding slots in said disk, iwichi is pressed by the pad against the abdomen of a patient.

: A- surigaial' be as set forth ini claim 1, where&ri the-BIt' lac6k and the'belt frbont are oriiiected withi each- other by: laces or the like.

4. A surgical belt as set forth in claiim 1, ineluding a4 pair- of ad3ustable elastic bands- secured- to" the font aniid back and adapted to ext:fid Betweeni the legs of a patient.

53 A surgical belt as set- forth in claim I, including a remiovable paper liniing in the fborm of S a bagW adapted' to be- inserted in the plastic 0olostoriify bag 6A - surgical' lielt s set forth in claim 1, wherein the pad Consists: of sponge rubber covered:'by'plastic ielth.

T. A sAugicdal belt a set forth in claim 1, whterein the&pad is removably secured'.on the door flap.

8; A. surgical- belt: ; seet forth. in. claim: 1, -llerelzithi &dbor flaip: is adapted t: be releasably secured in closed positionf ith respect t;t the belt frtnt.


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