Nonslip golf glove
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The present invention relates to the general class apparel including hand coverings or finger gloves, and more specifically to a non-slip golf glove for use by golf players, and others, in grasping the grip-handle of a golf club, or similar hand implement. The primary object of the invention...

Braswell, Charles W.
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Braswell, Charles W.
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The present invention relates to the general class apparel including hand coverings or finger gloves, and more specifically to a non-slip golf glove for use by golf players, and others, in grasping the grip-handle of a golf club, or similar hand implement.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of flexible equipment or a frictional device for use in the hands of a golf player to tighten the grasp on the grip-handle of the club, thereby eliminating tendency of the club to turn, relieve the player of muscular strains in the fingers and hands, and to assure a proper grip with the club in correct position for easy manipulation and delivery of a stroke.

To this end, the invention consists in an article of manufacture that may be produced with facility and low cost, the parts of which may be assembled with convenience, and the equipment may readily be attached to the hands and fingers of the player, and with equal facility the device may be detached when not required for use.

The invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts as will hereinafter be described in detail, and more particularly set forth in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings, I have illustrated one complete example of a physical embodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged in accord with a mode I have devised for the practical application of the principles of the invention. It will, however, be understood that changes and alterations are contemplated, and may be made in these exemplifying drawings and structures, within the scope of my claims, without departing from the principles of the invention.

Figure 1 is a perspective showing the non-slip gloves as worn by a golf player and wrapped around the grip-handle of a golf club; Figure 2 is a plan view of one form of the gloves, spread open for convenience of illustration; and Figure 3 is a perspective view showing the manner or mode of wrapping another form on the grip of a golf club for frictional contact on the grip.

In the drawings, the handle end or grip end of a golf club is indicated by the numeral 10, but it will be understood that the equipment of my invention may be utilized for tightening the hand grasp upon other clubs or handles employed in other games, as well as for other purposes.

In carrying out my invention, I employ a strap SI of leather, or other tough and flexible material, suitable for the purpose, and the strap, at one end, is fashioned with an enlarged head, wing, or flap 12, here shown as of rectangular shape and provided with tubular and flexible fingers 13, 14, 15 and I6, that are open at both ends. The fingers are mounted at the end of the flap in suitable manner, as by providing four extensions 17 of the flap and stitching the fingers thereto as at 18. A second flap or triangular head 19 is provided with extensions 20, and by stitches 2 , or in other suitable manner, the tubular and flexible open end fingers 22, 23, 24 and 25 are affixed to this flap.

The flaps 12 and 19 may be made integral with the strap, as shown in Figure 3, or the strap may be made adjustable, as shown in Figure 2. In this form of the invention, the strap II is attached to the flap by means of a link 26 carried by the loop 27 secured to the pointed end of the flap 19 by stitching 28. The end 29 of the strap 11 is provided with a female snap fastener 30 which is adapted to be selectively engaged with the male fasteners 31, the latter fasteners being provided on the strap inwardly of the end 29 thereof in spaced relation to each other. The adjustment of the strap II is provided for the lengthening or the shortening thereof, so that, through the medium of this adjustment, the strap is adjusted so as to increase or decrease its effective length and thus adapt the gloves for application to golf clubs having grips of different sizes.

As indicated in the drawings, the fingers of each hand are inserted in the tubular open end fingers, the intermediate strap is wrapped around the grip or handle of the club, as seen in Figure 3, with a frictional grip, and the handle of the club is grasped by the covered fingers, as shown in Figure 1.

From this description taken in connection with my drawings, it will be apparent that the various parts of the frictional equipment are fashioned of comparatively light weight, durable, and easily flexible material, in order to assure a pair of finger-gloves that may be easily placed in position on the hands and fingers, worn without inconvenience, and taken off with equal facility when not required for use.

For packing, storing and shipping, the female snap fastener 18 may readily be disengaged from the male fastener to which it is engaged, and the flap 19, with its tubular fingers, may be detached from the strap, and the separated parts may be compactly arranged to occupy a minimum of space or the strap may be adjusted, as previously described. When putting on the gloves, the fingers of the right and left hands are slipped into the tubular open end fingers of the gloves, and then the snap fastener is closed or secured preparatory to wrapping around the friction strap on the club handle.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: In a positive grip for golf clubs, the combination which comprises a friction gripping strap having an outwardly flared end with a plurality of spaced tubular finger-receiving open end stalls carried, by the said outwardly flared end, the opposite 15, end of said strap having a folded over flap withsnap fasteners adjustably connecting the flapto. the strap, and an outwardly flared pad also having a plurality of spaced tubular finger-receivingopen end stalls carried by the larger end thereof and having a clip with a loop therein on the smaller end, said loop providing means for attaching the said pad to the folded over end of the strap whereby with the strap wrapped around the handle of a golf club, the position of the fingerreceiving stalls may be adjusted so that with the fingers of one hand in the stalls of the strap and the fingers of the other hand in the stalls of the pad, the handle may be positively gripped for use.


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