Advertising sign container for attachment to parking meter posts
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This invention pertains to advertising sign containers for attachment to parking meter posts, or standards. Heretofore, several devices have been tried which were thought suitable for holding signs on parking meter posts, however, in each case, the device was found defective. From observation...

Williams, Curtis M.
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Williams, Curtis M.
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This invention pertains to advertising sign containers for attachment to parking meter posts, or standards.

Heretofore, several devices have been tried which were thought suitable for holding signs on parking meter posts, however, in each case, the device was found defective. From observation and experiment I have developed the device hereinafter illustrated and described, which overcomes difficulties heretofore encountered and at 1 the same time complies with the legal and safety requirements for such a device.

One of the objects of my device is to provide a case which can be securely mounted on a parking meter post and which will hold signs or adver- 1 tising matter in a manner to be clearly visible to passers by, and which will protect such matter from the weather and from undesired removal or tampering.

Another object is to provide a case of trans- 2 parent material having flat sides behind which signs or advertising matter can be inserted and held in position together with means for attachment to parking meter supports, and with admission to the interior made difficult to any but authorized persons.

A further object is to provide a sign containing case made of transparent plastic, with means for fastening to a vertical tubular member, such as a parking meter post, to render it weather and tamper proof.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

I attain the foregoing objects by means of the devices illustrated in the accompanying drawings in whichFigure 1 is a perspective view of the container in use.

Figure 2, a transverse mid-sectional elevation of the case drawn on an enlarged scale, and Figure 4, a horizontal section taken substantially on line 4-4, Figure 2.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts in the several views.

The container body 2 is a hollow case preferably molded of one of the well-known transparent plastics. It has a general rectangular section in all three dimensions. A hole 4 is provided in the top 5 for admission of the cylindrical standard 6, which in this case is a tubular parking meter post. The front and rear faces 7 and 8 constitute viewing windows through which signs printed on cardboard may be easily observed.

These cardboard signs are held in place by grooves 12 extending along the inner edges of the inner faces of the viewing windows. Around hole 4 in top 5 there is an inwardly extending annular collar 14 sized to accept standard 6 with a sliding fit. Nuts 1i are set into recesses in the inner face of this collar to receive set screws 18.

A bottom plate 20 fits within the opening 26 in the case bottom. It is provided with an opening 21 sized to receive standard 6, and an upwardly extending collar 22 formed around this opening drilled and threaded radially to receive a small 0 hollow head set screw 23 which can be reached with an Alien wrench inserted through a hole 24 in case face 8. The outer edges of this bottom plate fit into a rabbet 25 formed around the edges of bottom opening 26 of the case body 2. In use the bottom plate 20 is first placed on standard 6 and dropped below the level at which it is to be later attached. Case 2 is then positioned on the standard and nuts 18 tightened to secure it in the position desired. This is best u done with a ratchet box wrench. Cards 10 are then inserted, and lastly bottom plate brought up, fitted into opening 26, and fixed in place by tightening screw 23.

All this is done to position the device at a o5 desired position on the standard below the parking meter 30, as shown in Figure 1. Obviously, the meter is removed when the case parts are slipped over the standard 6. After the case is placed in position, the meter is replaced and the 30 completed installation is accomplished.

Thereafter sign cards 10 may be replaced whenever desired by merely loosening screw 23 and sliding bottom plate 20 down so that it is out of the way. After sign cards are replaced the 35 bottom plate is again secured in position to close the case body.

Whereas I have illustrated but one form of my sign container, it is conceivable that many variations can be made in the structure shown. 40 Likewise changes and substitutions of parts can be made, all of which, however, may well remain within the spirit and intendments of the invention. Therefore, I wish to be limited only by the following claims.

45 I claim: 1. An advertising sign container for attachment to parking meter posts comprising, in combination. a hollow case having transparent viewing windows, an opening at the top of said case 50 provided with an inwardly extending collar, radially engaging set screws operative in said collar, an opening in the bottom of said case, a removable bottom plate adapted to fit into and close said opening having an upwardly extend55 ing collar provided with a set screw, said case being provided with an opening to permit access of these to said set screw when said plate is in closed tion adja position. opening 2. A sign container for use on parking meter ative in standards comprising, a rectangular case of adapted transparent plastic material having parallel flat 5said ope side faces constituting viewing windows, means the botto for retaining sign-bearing cards behind said cards he windows, including grooves formed adjacent the formed a side edges thereof, an opening to receive a park- 10 ceive and ing meter standard formed in the top of said bottom I case, a collar extending inwardly from said open- having a ing provided with radially operative set screws said stan( adapted to engage said standard, an opening in of said c the bottom of said case to allow access to said to engage sign cards, a bottom plate adapted to fit into and 15said case close said bottom opening, having a hole sized cards beI to receive said standard and an upturned col- grooves a lar surrounding said hole, a set screw operative in said collar to engage said standard, and an access hole drilled in said case to admit a wrench 20 to operate said bottom plate set screw when in T closed position. The foll 3. A sign container for attachment to parking file of thiE meter standards, including in combination, a 1 rectangular case of transparent material having 25Number two flat vertical sides constituting viewing win- 2,372,387 dows, grooves formed along the inner side edges windows adapted to retain cards in posicent said windows, an inwardly collared in the top of said case, set screws operthe collar of said collared opening, to engage a standard inserted through ling, a rectangular opening formed in m of said case to provide access to sign ld in said grooves, a rabbet groove long the edges of said opening to resecure a bottom plate, together with a )late fitted into said bottom opening central collared opening to receive a dard, a set screw operative in the collar ollared opening in said plate, adapted e said standard, an access opening in body adjacent said set screw, and aring written matter fitted into said djacent said viewing windows.


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